With many runners preparing for events such 10k and half or full marathons at this time of year, this month we focus on running stretches, muscles, hydration and rehab issues that we’ve discussed over the last month or so. Enjoy!


How sodium helps you perform at your best

A 2015 study found that athletes who adequately replaced the sodium lost in their sweat finished a middle-distance triathlon 26 minutes faster on average than those who didn’t. That’s quite a significant boost in performance!

Hydration and sodium in athletic performance for sport and exercise

But what’s the science behind sodium supplementation during exercise and how can athletes ensure they’re getting their intake right? Andy Blow, Founder and Sports Scientist at Precision Hydration, has the answers.

Read more on sodium and performance here.


Reframing how we care for people with non-traumatic musculoskeletal pain

Non-traumatic musculoskeletal pain

Definitely about time!


Unlock your hips

On Facebook we shared some useful stretches to unlock your hips from fellow personal trainer Aaron J-Lo Conway based in Devon. If you’d like to watch some YouTube instruction on the subject, here’s an entertaining and instructional video on some great stretches from expert physical therapists in the US, Bob and Brad:


Get your feet in high gear!

Put your big toe to work:

When it comes to gait, getting the 1st ray to the ground is the name of the game. When weight travels through the medial forefoot and we are able to push off the 1st ray complex, that is called “high gear push off”. This was 1st discussed F Bojsen-Møller an excellent paper, that just happens to be a free full text! Craig Payne, The Running Research Junkie has offered and excellent commentary on the topic.

Read more on this issue for running technique and biomechanics on The Gait Guys website.


Muscle forces during running

If you’re about to start a lot of running this is good to know:

Muscle forces during running


“When it comes to running performance, it’s not all about the GLUTES! Soleus produces far more force during running than any other muscle group of the lower limb.”

Great advice from Mick Hughes at Physio Network.

Hot tip from Mick: Heavy, seated calf raises 4×6-8 reps, 2x per week will do you and your running performance the world of good.

Thanks to biomechanics expert Rich Willy for the wonderful image above!