This month we have some great advice on warm-ups for runners, squat depth, preventing ankle sprain, caring for your feet and more. We hope you enjoy the round up and find some of it useful!


The Runner’s Prehab Checklist

The runner’s prehab checklist has lots of exercises to add to your training routine for run-proofing your body:

Here’s just one example:

Get those muscles firing.


Every Child Needs to Learn to…

Things all children should learn



Ideal Squat Depth

Some interesting facts on squatting depth from Physio Network.

Ideal squat depth


‘Ideal’ varies from person to person – and according to your goals.


The Function of Tendons

Here’s what your tendons are up to:


Prevent Ankle Sprains

Some great exercises to help prevent ankle sprain.

Exercises to prevent ankle sprain


More great advice from the Prehap Guys.


Feet, Footwear & Movement Accuracy

The sensory aspects of the foot, and footwear, on patient movement accuracy, joint stabilisation, and perception of pain explored in this article.

Sensory stimulation and movement accuracy

Great read – try and make time for your feet!